Success Story

Jaipur Golden started its journey in 1948 with the sole mission to ‘Carry your trust’.

The extensive network of the company today covers 300 associates and 350 branches across the country. More than 1000 all-weather vehicles and extensive network of hubs and warehouses covering more than 3 million square feet, keep the goods extremely safe and secure. Operating 24×7, 365 days a year, we serve a customer base across different domains in India. At a turnover of more than 400 crores, we endeavour to serve our customers with speed, safety and quality services that are above par.

We are committed to doing whatever it takes to deliver. Each one of us takes the responsibility of our own work, our teams and of the area of the organization we are accountable for.

Our customers are at the helm of our existence at Jaipur Golden. We are an agile and proactive organization, responsive to the present and future needs of our customers. Ensuring Customer Satisfaction is the reason for our many decades of success in the transportation business.

We are proud of our untarnished track record of the highest productivity and efficiency in the country & have firmly entrenched our position as leader in the transportation industry.

Changing times and requirements have meant that a consignment never leaves our system till the final delivery is made at the door of the customer. The competitive environment has created the need for faster, efficient and high-end transportation solutions. Once your shipment arrives at any one of our terminals, it becomes our responsibility to carry it, along with your trust, to the final destination within the guaranteed time. We closely monitor the movement with assurance in meeting the commitment. The creditability and safety have created our brand as one of the most reliable Transport Company in India.